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Sep 29, 2021 | webmaster | 9366 views
To Association Parents and CMHA Volunteers
As we start another season of hockey we do so still in the grip of a health crisis and under the operational guidelines of our Governing Bodies, Public Health, Provincial, Regional and City administrations.  The past 18 months have put an enormous amount of stress on families and in some cases caused issues within our personal relationships with family and friends.  CMHA continues to focus on what we feel we can control and that is providing a place within all the confusion for your child to play the game of hockey in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. 

In order for the City to allow us to provide this service we require you to act according to the guidelines set forth whether you agree with them or not.

·   Nobody is permitted to open arena doors from inside to allow another person to enter and by-pass the screening process.

·   All teams have to submit a roster of players and coaches. You may not identify yourself as a coach in order to circumvent the screening process unless you are rostered.

·   If you are asked by Staff to observe a particular facility policy, CMHA expects that you will do so without argument. Arena staff did not ask to be put in this position, they do not enjoy having to be put in this position and should not be expected to tolerate any pushback from our membership.

·   The most important thing is that our players gain access to the building in a quick and orderly manner so they  can be ready to play or practice. This may mean that spectators will need to wait and enter the building closer      to the start of the game or practice. If players need assistance with some of their equipment coaches can help      or if need be can arrange with arena staff to allow a couple of parents in to assist.

The fact of the matter is that we need to work within the guidelines we have been given. For City staff this is a workplace safety issue and I am sure most of you know how important that is from your own workplaces. The City has very few tools to ensure compliance by our membership so you will not be surprised to learn that the loss of ice privileges is a real concern.  Please do not be the person or persons responsible for our children losing the ability to play the game they all love so dearly.

CMHA appreciates the majority of our membership who do their best to make these times enjoyable for all our participants and we thank you for your cooperation. Our hope is that by working together we can quickly put this whole nasty mess behind us and get back to how it use to be.



John Morton

President, CMHA