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This Team is part of the 2018-2019 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Monday Sept 24 Practice

In this Practice we will be building off of Coach Steve and his skating drills along with keeping your head up and up ice passing. We are also going to continue work on our zone positioning.  Here is a video I want everyone to watch because we will be working on this Monday.  Pay close attention to where they show you should be.  

zones for Wingers
zones for Defence 
zones for Center

Zone Positioning

We have been talking about this a lot, each position has a battle or a responsibility.  You have to fight your battles, leave your team mate to win his battle.  If your team mate wins his battle your ready for the pass, shot or break out that's your battle.

Things we all need to work on and will practice
Don't get sucked into another zone because the puck is there
Defencemen you're not the goalie, leave blocking shots to the goalie.  Take YOUR man take the shot away, don't block shots
Forwards, dangles are awesome! but you can't dangle the entire ice or through a team with a ton of success.  Keep your head up move the puck up ice to the tape of a team mate

See you Monday be ready to work

Coach Jay