General Information, Cambridge Festival MD Tournament (Cambridge Minor Hockey)

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Sanction number 20-023

Rules governing this tournament are laid down by Alliance Hockey, OHF and Hockey Canada.      
Tournament Games will start of Friday, November 8, 2019 at 9AM 
All Semi-Final and Final Games will be played on Sunday, November 10, 2019 
All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games. 
An Approved Roster is mandatory for all teams entered along with an approved Travel permit from your Member Partner.  If you wish to use Affiliated Players, please have them included on Approved Roster.

Entry Fee:
Alliance Teams and OHF Member Partners - $1,000.00 Can
US Teams - $1,000.00 Can
This price includes Gate fees.

Deadline for payment is October 11, 2019

Cheques are payable to:  Cambridge Festival MD Tournament
                            Mail to:  PO Box 489
                                           Cambridge, ON  N1R 5V5

Permits and Approved Rosters can be sent to:
Cheryl Podger  [email protected]

Game Lengths:

Minor Atom to Bantam  Round Robin    12-12-12 minute stop time 
Minor Midget Round Robin                   12-12-15 minute stop time 
Semi Finals & Finals        12-12-15 minute stop time
Overtime will only apply to Semi-Final and Final Games

2 - Win
1 - Tie
0 - Loss
1 - Point for each period won
1/2 - Point if the period is tied

Playoff Format:
6 Teams – 1st Place Finisher plays 4th Place Finisher and 2nd plays 3rd.
8 Teams - 1st Place Finisher in a division will play the 2nd place finisher in the other division

Round Robin Tie Breaking Rules:
1. Head to Head: For example, If Teams A & B both have 4 points and Team A was the winner of the round robin game between Teams A & B then Team A would assume the higher position
2. Most Wins
3. Goal Average: The goal average is determined by dividing the total number of goals for and against into the number of goals for with the team having the highest percentage (closest to 1) assuming the higher position. In case of a 3 team tie and two teams are still tied after the goal average is calculated go back to Rule 1 Head to Head.

Example Calculation of Rule 3
Team A Goals for 16 and goals against 4 = 16/(16+4) = 16/20 = .800
Team B Goals for 12 and goals against 2 = 12/(12+2) = 12/14 = .857
Team B would assume the higher position

4. First Goal: If the teams are still tied, the team to assume the higher position will be the team that scored the first goal in the game between the two teams.
5. Least Penalties: If the teams are still tied, the team with the least penalty minutes in all their games will assume the higher position.
6. Coin Toss: If the teams are still tied, the higher position will be determined by a coin toss. The team from the farthest away calls the toss.


Overtime for Semi-Finals and Finals:
If, at the end of regulation time, the game is a tie, there will be a 5 minute sudden victory overtime period.  It will be played 4 on 4 and all penalties during regulation time will carry over into overtime. If a team is two men short at any time during overtime play will be 5 on 3 until the penalty time runs out. At the first stoppage of play after both teams return to full strength play will revert back to 4 on 4 play.
If, after the 5 minute overtime, the game is still tied a 3 player shootout will commence. Prior to the games the coach will complete the form showing the order in which his players will shoot and no player will shoot a second time until all players dressed for the game have taken a shot. Shooters on both teams will shoot   at the same time in opposite directions. If tied after the first three shooters it then continues down the list in a sudden death format.
If a player in the second position on the list prior to the shootout is injured during the game and cannot take his turn the next player on the list will shoot and continue down the list accordingly.
If a team has 12 skaters and the opponent has 15 skaters the team with the 15 can start over again at the top of their list after the 12th skater has taken his turn.

Please Note:
Any player who receives a Fighting Major will be suspended for the duration of the tournament.


The Minor Bantam and up divisions will be no Body Checking.  Teams from the OMHA are welcome to participate but should be aware that this division will not allow Body Checking as per Alliance Policy.

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