Schedule & Results, Cambridge MD Festival, 2014-2015 (Cambridge Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 14, 2014
MA-A (XOVER)MA19:00 AMGalt North London Nationals0-8Cambridge Hawks
MB-AMB-A19:00 AMIce Ctr Cambridge Hawks3-1Brantford Saints
MB-BMB-B110:00 AMPres Aud Woolwich Wildcats1-3Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MA-A (XOVER)MA210:15 AMGalt Oakville Dragons3-7Hamilton Huskies Red
MB-AMB-A210:15 AMIce Ctr Oakridge Aeros6-1Brampton Marlies
MB-BMB-B211:15 AMPres Aud St Catharines Hurricanes5-2Caledon Hawks
A-SA-111:30 AMIce Ctr Oakville Red Bulls0-2Cambridge Hawks
MA-A (XOVER)MA311:30 AMGalt Oakville Stars1-0Brantford Saints
A-SA-212:45 PMIce Ctr Hamilton Huskies White1-4West London Hawks
MB-BMB-B33:00 PMPres Aud TNT Tornados3-1Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MA-B (XOVER)MA43:15 PMGalt Cambridge Hawks4-1Oakville Dragons
MB-AMB-A33:15 PMIce Ctr Pickering Panthers0-4Brantford Saints
MA-B (XOVER)MA54:15 PMPres Aud Hamilton Huskies Red12-0Oakville Stars
A-SA-34:30 PMIce Ctr Oakville Red Bulls1-0Hamilton Huskies White
MP-AMP-14:30 PMGalt Cambridge Hawks2-2Hamilton Huskies Blue
MA-B (XOVER)MA65:30 PMPres Aud Brantford Saints2-3North London Nationals
A-SA-45:45 PMIce Ctr Cambridge Hawks0-3West London Hawks
MP-AMP-25:45 PMGalt Waterloo Ice Wolves0-5Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
MB-BMB-B46:45 PMPres Aud Woolwich Wildcats3-2St Catharines Hurricanes
B-AB-17:00 PMGalt Cambridge Hawks5-0Centre Wellington Fusion
MB-AMB-A47:00 PMIce Ctr Cambridge Hawks3-1Oakridge Aeros
MB-BMB-B58:00 PMPres Aud TNT Tornados6-2Caledon Hawks
B-AB-28:15 PMGalt Waterloo Ice Wolves5-2Stratford Warriors
MB-AMB-A58:15 PMIce Ctr Pickering Panthers3-3Brampton Marlies
Saturday, November 15, 2014
MB-AMB-A69:00 AMIce Ctr Oakridge Aeros5-3Brantford Saints
MB-BMB-B69:00 AMGalt St Catharines Hurricanes5-1Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue
MP-AMP-39:30 AMPres Aud Hamilton Huskies Blue5-2Waterloo Ice Wolves
MB-AMB-A710:15 AMIce Ctr Cambridge Hawks7-0Brampton Marlies
MB-BMB-B710:15 AMGalt Woolwich Wildcats0-1Caledon Hawks
MP-AMP-410:45 AMPres Aud Kitchener Jr Rangers Red2-3Cambridge Hawks
A-SA-511:30 AMGalt Cambridge Hawks1-4Hamilton Huskies White
MA-A (XOVER)MA711:30 AMIce Ctr Oakville Stars0-4Cambridge Hawks
B-AB-312:00 PMPres Aud Centre Wellington Fusion0-4Waterloo Ice Wolves
A-SA-612:45 PMGalt West London Hawks4-1Oakville Red Bulls
MA-B (XOVER)MA812:45 PMIce Ctr Brantford Saints1-6Oakville Dragons
B-AB-41:15 PMPres Aud Stratford Warriors1-4Cambridge Hawks
MA-A (XOVER)MA92:00 PMIce Ctr North London Nationals5-5Hamilton Huskies Red
MB-BMB-B82:30 PMPres Aud TNT Tornados3-1St Catharines Hurricanes
MP-AMP-52:30 PMGalt Cambridge Hawks8-1Waterloo Ice Wolves
MB-AMB-A83:15 PMIce Ctr Pickering Panthers0-6Oakridge Aeros
MP-AMP-63:45 PMGalt Kitchener Jr Rangers Red3-2Hamilton Huskies Blue
MB-AMB-A94:30 PMIce Ctr Brantford Saints7-0Brampton Marlies
MB-BMB-B94:30 PMPres Aud Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue1-4Caledon Hawks
B-AB-65:45 PMPres Aud Cambridge Hawks1-2Waterloo Ice Wolves
B-AB-56:00 PMIce Ctr Stratford Warriors3-3Centre Wellington Fusion
MB-BMB-B107:00 PMPres Aud Woolwich Wildcats1-4TNT Tornados
MB-AMB-A107:30 PMIce Ctr Cambridge Hawks7-0Pickering Panthers
Sunday, November 16, 2014
ChampMA-SF#19:00 AMPres Aud Oakville Dragons0-5Cambridge Hawks
ChampMA-SF#29:00 AMGalt North London Nationals3-2Hamilton Huskies Red
ChampMB-SF#19:00 AMIce Ctr St Catharines Hurricanes2-5Cambridge Hawks
ChampA-SF#110:30 AMPres Aud Cambridge Hawks2-6West London Hawks
ChampA-SF#210:30 AMGalt Oakville Red Bulls1-2Hamilton Huskies White
ChampMB-SF#210:30 AMIce Ctr Oakridge Aeros3-1TNT Tornados
ChampMP-SF#112:00 PMPres Aud Waterloo Ice Wolves2-4Cambridge Hawks
ChampMP-SF#212:00 PMGalt Hamilton Huskies Blue0-5Kitchener Jr Rangers Red
ChampB-SF#11:30 PMPres Aud Centre Wellington Fusion0-6Waterloo Ice Wolves
ChampB-SF#21:30 PMGalt Stratford Warriors1-5Cambridge Hawks
ChampA-F3:00 PMGalt Hamilton Huskies White2-3West London Hawks
ChampMA-F3:00 PMPres Aud North London Nationals3-11Cambridge Hawks
ChampMB-F4:30 PMPres Aud Oakridge Aeros1-2Cambridge Hawks
ChampMP-F4:30 PMGalt Kitchener Jr Rangers Red4-2Cambridge Hawks
ChampB-F6:00 PMGalt Cambridge Hawks3-2Waterloo Ice Wolves
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